A path to academic excellence for every student.

At Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School, students are responsible for their learning. Our students are discovering the type of student they want to be and how to get the most out of their education. Our staff provides a supportive environment and services to help students excel academically and develop accountability.

We help our students learn the impact of their academic decisions beyond the walls of the classroom. Using class time productively helps students understand efficiency and self-accountability. We encourage students to take their education While students are responsible for their learning, we all have a part in helping them. 

For Students

Your education rests in your own hands. Using your class time productively helps your practices for life. Efficiency and self-accountability go beyond the walls of a classroom. Take your education in your own hands by asking teachers for more support and clarification if you do not understand something. 

Completing your assignments on time and producing quality work independently allows your teacher to see what areas you are excelling in and where you need more assistance. Stay on top of your education by writing down your assignments, checking your grades weekly, and checking teachers' online resources. 

For Parents 

You play a large part in your child's education. Regularly checking their grades on Skyward Family Access and monitoring their daily list of assignments can help reinforce structure to your student's academic program. Your child's teachers are available to provide information about your child's learning progress. 

A consistent academic structure at home can also aid your student's academic success. Dedicated time to complete assignments and studying can help your child maintain focus on their school work. This also allows you to assist them with assignments if needed or see the areas they need help with from their teachers. Students can get frustrated with difficult assignments. Providing support and help from teachers' online resources can help ease their frustrations. 

middle school student enjoying the outdoor class Spring 23

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